The Life

directed by James Hillier and designed by Jaqcui Gunn, at Embassy Theatre, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, 4 - 9 March 2019

This was the final show I worked on at university. I was the head of department, leading a team of four second year students and liaising with the rest of the production team to ensure we delivered the build on schedule, under budget, and effectively realised the vision of the designer, Jacqui Gunn. As well as overseeing the team of artists, I personally painted two of the signs, 'Snake Oil' and 'The Doll House', painted the large cut cloth, which included UV and fluorescent elements, painted the wood and metal work to look like steel, and drew up and painted, with brushes on sticks and spray guns, the Studiotac that we used to cover the stage floor and front of house areas with graffiti.


Production photos by © Patrick Baldwin
All other content © Madeleine Young 2018

Crew of 'The Life' 2019
Crew of 'The Life' 2019