The Empress

directed by Pooja Ghai and designed by Diego Pitarch at the Embassy Theatre, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, 21 - 24 June 2017

For this production I took on the role of Assistant Head of the Scenic Art department, assisting a professional scenic artist. Adam Boon, who was brought in to supervise our work on the show. As he was only at the workshop part time, I took on his duties when he was absent. In this role, I attended all production meetings, departmental and interdepartmental meetings. I also aided communication between the Scenic Art and other departments, and the Production Manager, Stage Manager and Designer, among others, as well as performing the role of Scenic Artist throughout the seven week production schedule for the show. 

The set was large and ambitious, and we used a large number of different techniques for it. There was a backlit, spray painted back cloth, painted by Katie Ramsden and Alice Olley, and a large section of vacform bricks, which were textured and painted using a number of broken colour techniques, floorboards, which were textured and wood grained, and a huge floor cloth, which was partially painted on the paintframe, and then completed using stencils during one of the paint calls, painted by myself and the rest of the team; Ellen Forbes, Chantelle Elliston, and Boston Gielens. The floor cloth was also coated in latex on the underside, by us, after a lengthy discussion on how best to assure it’s safety, as it couldn't slip on the stage. I also painted the Ayahs’ Home sign myself.

Production photos by Patrick Baldwin © The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
All other content © Madeleine Young 2018

The finished Ayahs' sign
The finished Ayahs' sign