Cossí fan Tutti

directed by Oliver Platt and designed by Alyson Cummins, at Opera Holland Park, 31 May - 22 June 2018

At the end of my second year at university I undertook several placements. One of these was with the scenic art department at Capital Scenery, a team of four scenics, led by Megan Hunt. While I was there I worked on two productions for Opera Holland Park, including Cosí fan Tutte. The set, designed by Alyson Cummins, was so pretty, involving copious amounts of vacform and latex castings. Most of the work I did on this set was with the vacform and latex, trimming each piece and sorting them into types, before laying them out on the flats according to the plan created by Megan. We then stapled these in place, used decorators' caulk to fill any gaps, then painted them, first in a base colour and then in thin washes of colour, built up to give an almost watercolour-like effect.



Production photos by © Robert Workman and Ali Wright for Opera Holland Park
All other content © Madeleine Young 2018