Personal projects and private commissions

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In October of 2018 I undertook a two week placement at the Royal Opera House workshops, in Purfleet, Essex. While there I was given the opportunity to work on a personal project of my choosing. I chose to do an interpretation of my favourite painting, Le Bonheur de Vivre by Henri Matisse. This was painted on a 2.5 x 3.5 metre linen cloth, which was stretched out, primed, drawn up and then painted on the floor, using brushes on poles. This was my first real experience working on the floor, and it was a steep but satisfying learning curve! The thing I struggled most with was getting the texture of the original painting right; hard to achieve the effect of thick oils when using watered down roscos on canvas! In the end, however, I'm pleased with the outcome.

Photographs © Madeleine Young 2018

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This large 10 x 5.5 metre cloth was for a corporate conference at the Churchill Theatre, Edinburgh. It was designed by Kieth Orton, and was nearly entirely achieved by spraying with a gravity-fed spray gun and compressed air, and a lot of masking! Only the blood drips/mountains at the bottom of the design and the veins in the pale areas were painted on with a brush. As someone fairly unused to spraying at the time, I found this project quite challenging; after a few moments of trial-and-error and lots of very light layers of spray, it came out exactly as intended and I'm very pleased with the way I interpreted the design.

Photographs © Madeleine Young 2018